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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 17, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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od morning, it's wednesday, november 17th. i'm patrice harris and boy, what a morning it is. the rain and winds came tearing through oor area yesterday and left plenty of damage overnight. you can see fire fighters on the scene of one of those areas where the damage is pretty evident. we're goat to get more of that situation from megan gillilandd3 is who is live at the sceneeand has been out there for a while. we will go to hhr in a few minnte. good morning, i'm patrice harris. let's get a check of our
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steve fertig and boy.logist what a storm. we wwre getting the chances of a storm. we had the right ingrrdients. all a mix of ingredients that produced strong storms. what we had here, whether it's a confirmation of tornado touchdowns we hear of possibilities, but we had hear as the day goes on. a couple of light showers to the west still possible this morning but painly cloudy skies. as you can see the line of storms. you can see the red area or orange area moving through the central part of maryland and off to theeeast. that is where the stormy weather was moving through ii the late night hoors. you can see wind advicery, still in effect for the northern part of the state ann that will be all the way through this afternoon at 4:00 and so the windd may be gusting upwards of 35, 40 miles per hour at times t won't be certainly what we had last night buu the winds will be
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a factor as the temperatures warm up from here. mid-50s through the day. we will get up to mid-60s at 1 as to 3:00 this afternoon. let's see what is happening onn3 the roadways now, hereeis candace dold with the traffic edge. good morning, candace. good morning, steve we are talking about the damage from the wicked weather at catonsville we have a fall strene atreeon route 40. do expect road bloc blockages ue alternate. on frederick road it's an easy drive, upper loop lanes and theú outer loop toward the triple bridges. the inner loop is looking good now 12 minutes 55 miles per hour. on the southbound 95, 8 minutes at 54-miles per hour and nothing to get in the way on 895 from the harbor tunnel all the way toward 95,,a 9-minute trip, 52 miles per hour there. that's a lack at the mornings
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travels. patrice, over to you. you probbbly fell asleep last night to the sound of rain outside, but overnight the weather turned wicked and left a trail of dammge across our region. right now city firefighters on the scene at northeast bbltiiore where several roofs have just blown off of homes and there are reeortssof injuries. megan gilliland is live here where the crews are searching for rapped victims. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, i ttink that the best word to describe all of this thii morning is certainly here, we're standing in pitch black. the trees have taken the entire road. you can see where they have brushed on to the roof of this home. here i know we're standing inú shingles from a house a block
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away. there are several roofs that completely just hipped off and throon into this area. this is the scene all throughout the this area as the winds pushed through at 80 miles an hour this morning, topping at 130. they're not sure if this is a torrado. that is something they're lookkng at this point. you can see the blinking lights at this entire block. they are going inside of these homes searching see if there's anyone trapped inside to see if there's anyone injured. >> we have reports of 80-mile--n-hour winds touch down in this part. it's only three people suffered minor injuries that were transported frrm this area. >> a roof, a real roof landed in the parking lot with a sticking other roofs everrwhere, and cars torn up. >> you can see the damage all around us this morning. i think a picture says a thousand words. as the sun comes up this morning, that will shee more light as to what we're dealing
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with this morning. again this is fleetwood avenue. we drove up perring parkway to get here. if you're headed that area, it's a dangerous route to be going, it's pitch dark, and here''s3 into that that flown a dangerous commute for all of you morning and a dangerous3 thing to wake-up this morniig. we will be live on the scene and show you what is happening here as the morning progresses. we're live at northeast baatimore. megan gillilaad. early edition. there are plenty of utages tt report right now. according to baltimore gas and electric there are moreethan 21,000 customers without electricity. the majority of those outages baltimore county.el and state police are investigating after a body is found in a box. highway workers made the discovery tuesday morning. there was in id on the body and the state medical examiner is
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performing an autopsy and homicide detectives are handling the investigation until those results come in. a memorial is held for a student the peabody conservatory who died suddenly on monday. first year student casey butler was remembered during an on campus trrbute. she died after losing consciousnesssin the middle of a lesson. she went to high school before enrolling in peabody. sse was 11 years old and there's no word on what caused her death. first on fox, a mother files a complaint against members of the bat more cit baltimore citye depprtment. she says they used excessive force on her 14 years old daughter, aad the incident is caught on tape. >> stop it. get off of me. >> police say they onfronted
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the teen jada johnson monday afternoon near hanover. she had reportedly been invooved in a fight with a group of girls, but johnson's mother ays her daughter was attacked byú those girls and then by police. >> he was about 6 feet tall and 200 pounds had his feet on her ú%ck. >> i want to see them off of streets because i know this probably happened more than one time. it probably wasn't a brave enough person to say anything. >> city pplice officials are saying they are looking into the incidentt the jury in the chandra levy murder triil will begin deliberations today. theeprosecution wrapped up its case on tuesday by asking the jury to consider the suspect's history and the testimony of a former cell mate when making a decision. the suspect committed other -ssaults in rock creek park
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in 2001 around the same time levy was murdered. an inmate who shared the cell with him, provided details on the witness sttnd they say he could have only gotten from levy's killer. however there's no eyewitnesses or dna linking him to the crime3 a bone found on the beach at a ruaruba is being tested for natalee holloway. scientists are testing to see if it's human. if it is, they will compare it to the dna to the missing coolege student natalee holloway. the alabama student isappeared in aruba years ago. behind bars for blinding a police ooficerr james kim bell was conviited of swinging a beer mug into a detective's face. kimbell's face defended him saying he is not a hardened
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criminal, but the judge called the slurs the yelled at the police officer intolerable. the creatures hich included cockroaches were found. this s the second ime they they feered that many of the creatures there wouldn't last long without the proper caree >> people don't know how to take care of these creatures. why they take them, i don't know. they need special lighting and special food. %-cockroach, not a big one that makes noisess >> the animals are now being nursed back to health. oday baltimore teachers have a chance to vote again on a proposed contract. under the contract teachers would no longer receive automatic raises based on tenure
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instead their pay raise would be based on an evaluation system that would tie in student's performance. the mayor took to the web to prooe her point. >> skeptics say they doo't why is working. if this becomes effective, baltimore would be one oo tte the first places that would reward teachers for the performance. they will gatter tonight to announce the results..3 the presiddnt of morgan ú%ate university is scheduled to meet with the members of the -ommunity fed up with all of the parking problems that come with living near the ccmpus. dozees of people rallied outside of the school on monday to bring attention to heir causee they say morgan state students are parking in the surrounding neighborhoods instead of campus and they want the city to work
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harder at parking enforcement. they want the school tt offer more affordable parking for students. morgan tate is trying to come the search is for state llwmakers who want to buy remaining slot licenses. they are looking to revise state llw allowing one company to own more than one slot license. that means cordishhcompany wwich owns the slot machines or penn national which owns perryville could own a second slots casino's license. >> if you have a provider of gaming that has a site somewhere else in maryland, and to me, that offers that particular enteenterprise an oppprtunity te able to pull resources and use that and be more profitable. >> before any of this could happen the general assembly would have to approve any changes in dual slottlicenses. state lawmakers are taking a
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closer look into a case involving 100 patients who thii after a 22 million-dollar settlement was reached with st. joseph medical center. the case involves claims that the dr. implaated hundreds of unnecessary heart stents do hearintoheart patients. >> we want to make sure that the patients are informed boutt3 medical procedures and there's a comprehensive involvement for medical procedures. >> lawmakerr re looking to at bills that address patients rights. a fire involves a hotel in west virginia forcing guestt to leave the building. guests describe the experience as pure panic. watching a little t.v.e, a couple of alarms go off. i'm standing around kind of in disarrayy
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is when somebody kicked me in the face. i knew it was for real then. >> the firefighters say the firr was likely started by a cigarette. a speciallneedssdog is in need of a special home. meet ruru a partially hound from florida who has been confined to a wheelchair ever since being attackeddby another dog. ruru was too much to take care of so his family put him ii a shelter workers. shelter workers say he is lovable and ready to go home to a family. >> he loves everybody and jumps3 up and down on his wheelchair as adopted soon so it can care for other special needs animals. coming up in the early decision, a maryland couppe is accused in a bribery scandal. the taped found converrations that prosecutors say are key o their case.ú low pressure with an aasociated cold front moved
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through with strong
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with the weather we're haaing you might think it is, if you are waking up this morning and nnticing severrl streaks through the sky, we''e actually seeing is the leea nid meteor shower. ú%e best time to see the show is today and tomorrow and the two hours leading up to sunrise.3 when skies are clear, people can expect to ee about 20 meteors -n hour. meteorologist steve fertig is here with moreeon that forecast and whether the skies will be clear enough for s to see it. i wwnt to get out there. >> you won't be able to see it this morning.ú you will be able to see it tomorrow. still dealing with the overniiht storms.
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we are waiting to here if it waa a tornado ttat touched down in things are quieted down withh3 regard to active blght. ú% arweather. we have light showers with regard to the high pressure that is moving through the rea. you can see the light stormy weather and you can see it right here that is oving toward the east. it's moving out of our way. that is the ine that brought us strong to severe weather and possibly that storm thaa touched down late last night. showers on the other side of we will continue to see the showers on the westernnpart of maryland earlier thii morning before ww dry outt onnthe backside we will see improvement later today although there will be strong winds upwards of 80-mile-an-hour ú%nds. you think of that yesterday, hurrican-force winds if in fact it was confirmed that ittwas an %-through.-hour wind that pushed wind advicery until
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4:00 afternoon. the winds will be a factor, an hour, and one area stronger. up gusts of 30-mile-an-hour winds. and 20-mile-an-hour gusts out in the maryland area. it's oing to be a windy day today, although it will be a drier day as the low pressure moveesnorth nd east.ú ú% are looking at the high pressure to move east. it will bring us sunshine, not so much tomorrow, we ill get the northerly flow hat will3 bring us moisture our way. the next couple of days it looks a bit dry and aalot of sunshine. tte front starts moving out of our area. 57 in baltimore, and warm in salisbury at 59. -e will see high temperatures get to a high temperature ú%rlier in the day, as popsed to last night when -- as opposed to the last ight when the warmest3 temperature came at midnight. 66 degrees for the high in the spharl part ocennral part of th. backkto the west high
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temperature of 57 degrees with 10-30-mile-an-hour winds gusting to 45. that will be the area that could be the strongest winds today. 56 degrees starting outtand 58 midday, we will get up to the -igh of about 62 degrees at about 1 to 3:00 this afternoon aad back to 66 degrees t 6:00 p.m. tonight 40 degrees under partly cloudy ssies. a cold buu still breezy night. winds could be gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour..3 first. the temperattres drop from 56 to 522and then we are in the mid-50s whereewe should be saturday ann sunday with mostly and 61 warmer on monday and tuesday before chillier works in toward the end of the week. now for a look at what is happeniig on the roadwayss candace dold is with the track edge. candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we are checking on the actual speeds and righttnow we like the numbers out on the beltway, ú% miles per hour on catonsville, and 62 scooting
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throughhpikesvilll. we do need to taak about the storm damage. if fact, you are going to fiid a lot of it out there. we will start in the northeast ccrridor in bel air n fact. traffic lights out at route 54 and also innjoppa watch out for a fallen tree, it's at route 7 at old mountain road. as far as 95 you can see the cars are in the green and in faat, thaa is going to be the case throogh joppa is eventually toward whitemarsh and the beltway. once you're on the beltway, let's ttke a live ook at 695 sitting at harford oaddand that is going to be a cclm ride. and just be aware there's wwnd warnings in effect there right now. we have a fallen tree at putty hill. that's a look aa the morning travels. back over to you. still ahead apple announces a major cue, the songs that are ú%aded to i tunes. and federal investigators are looking into a ederal
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county couple for possible
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the feds have taped phone conversaaions where aacouple calls bribery for county officials. joy ba poll lepola says this cl
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be tied inno the investigation of jack johnson. >> reporter: prosscutors discuss how fbi agents listen. as they discuss millions of dolllr n laundered money buu to public officials and immigrant smuggling operation. agents reveal what they found inside the couple's clarksville home. $400,000 in cash stashed in a ccosst. >> neighbors tell me federaa agents were here as early as 7:30 yesterday morning. they didn't know what was going on since theecouple kept tt themselves. >> the fact of theematter is all we have heard is the government sign. %-information, discovery hasn't even starred. this istarted.this is the seconf if what they ssy is true t will be problematic. >> reporter: just miles from tteer home sitssthis hoose aú
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rental property that tax records indiccte is worth $800,000. it's through liquor stores that the couple made their millions.3 money federal prosecutors they they used to buy police protection to illegal distribute untaxed alcchol and cigarettes. the arrest led to the investigation of jack johnson and hii wife leslie. melhy and public officials discusssng getting certain acts done and paying those public officials o get those acts done >> it urprises me. ú%%-honest and true. very good, >> reporter: in a hearing to keep the couple mind bars, prosecutors say that the melhy's were found on wire taps3 discussing the milliins of dollars into ndia and fiiding cash hidden on family members
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traveling back and forth. new details surrounding a federal corruption case that may lead tooeven mooe arrests. joy lepola, fox 45 morning news. thhemelhr is' ari's are beid without bond. wicked weather causes a car pile up in virginia. just how many vehicles were involved and how many people were hurt. next iring holiday 3
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there's some gooddnews in the jjb market as companies begin hiring for the holidaa season. the beatles invade apple. and wal-mart is expecting big profits. sandra smith has today's
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stocks rise biew!! because s economm is still looking rocky. the dow barely clinging to 11,000. the british invasion is inally invading your ipod. apple starting to sell beatles music n itunes. all the box sets and albums are available. verizon planning to add 900 workers. it needs more people o handle a bump in wirrless business. ups hiring 50,000 workerss3 forrthe holidays. they are oping to ship 50 million packages between thanksgiving and christmas. the world's largest retailer expecting strong hhliday saless wal-mart quarterly profit rising and sales topping $1 billion. stack profits soaring in latest quartee. that chain predicting a big holiday season.3 that's business. coming up local residents
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wonder if a strange light spotted in the skies above centreville is aaufo. ú%e video that clears up the mystery. and this is what is left after 80--ile-an-hour winds rip through northeast


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